You would be hard-pressed to find a brand that has achieved such high Franck Muller Master Square Replica recognition in just a decade. All this began in 2010, when Laurent Ferrierdecided to start his Franck Muller Master Square Replica watchmaking business with Francois Servanin as his friend. Things took off right away. The brand Franck Muller Replica won the "Best Men's Watch” prize at the GPHG in its first year with the Galet Classic Tourbillon. MisterFerrier, along with Christian, would Franck Muller Master Square Replica launch many exquisite watches and movements such as the micro-rotor with its double direct-impulse escapement and the Annual Franck Muller Master Square Replica Calendar "Montre Ecole", and the elegant, yet elegant, and beautifully executed Classic Origin to mark the brand's 10th anniversary. Today we speak with Laurent Ferrier, who will talk about how he founded his brand and what has been accomplished in the past 10 years. He will also present the Laurent Ferrier Classic Origin.Franck Muller Master Square Replica

Mister Ferrier explains that he is from a watchmaking background Franck Muller Master Square Replica and chose to follow the footsteps of his grandfather and father. After a 37-year career with Patek Philippe that was punctuated with his passion best replica watches for motor-racing (Laurent Ferrier placed third at the 24h Le Mans in 1979), Laurent Franck Muller Master Square Replica decided to launch his watch brand with the support of Servanin, who raced alongside him at Le Mans. Ferrier designed his watch completely by himself, creating a Franck Muller Master Square Replica timepiece of great design and mechanical complexity called the Galet Tourbillon Double Spiral. The Galet Tourbillon is a true masterpiece of understatement. It was awarded a prize at GPHG 2010, its first year of existence. The Micro-Rotor movement was then followed by an easier-to-use piece. It also features a complex Breguet Natural Escapement.Franck Muller Master Square Replica