The Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica collection was introduced in 1976. Patek Philippe was looking for a strong design and an inimitable personality. Resistance to humidity, dust, and deep underwater pressure is achieved by the complex and unique engineering of the case, sealed by precision cut parts. Carved from a single block of gold or stainless steel, the case of our Nautilus sports watch is designed to resist water pressure down to 120 meters, or 60 meters for the ladies Swiss Patek Philippe Replica. Yet, outstandingly robust though as it is, the Nautilus is every bit as refined in terms of design and finish as any other Patek Philippe. It is easily recognized by its octagonal case with its eight distinctive diamond cut arcs holding a bevelled sapphire crystal glass. The softer contours of the ladies Replica Swiss Patek Philippe Nautilus, enhanced with a sparkle of diamonds, make this leisure watch equally appropriate at the most formal occasion.

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